Written by Samantha Dexter and published on a Nerdy Perspective on October 30, 2019

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A new artist to come into the Nerdy Perspective roster is Binary Drift, a solo project created by Mauricio Yrivarren. Binary Drift felt like music had been on the back-burner for too long. Instead of trying to continue to chase music which didn’t feel truly real to him, Binary Drift was born which embodies the idea of music with real feeling to it. A passion project if you like! Originally from Lima in Peru, Yrivarren spent many years in the States before moving over to Madrid where he currently resides to continue his music endeavours. Since starting the Binary Drift project Yrivarren has released his first full album titled ‘Pocket Tunes’ which explores a range of genres including brit-pop, rock and bossa nova.

Drifting’ as a stand alone song is a beautifully simple yet flavourful track. It mixes up genres and displays the fact that experimenting with different styles can really pay off. The track is described as a pop/rock song which sits within the ‘Pocket Tunes’ album but the track is so much more than that. The musical composition of the track is simplistic as it features a handful of elements including sultry vocals, a deep punchy bass guitar, a classical style acoustic guitar and a straightforward drum beat. The intro which sets off the track brings in a bit of fanciful French flavour with a count in of “un, deux, trois, quatre”before diving into soulful filled English lyrics which speak of hope, forgiveness and second chances. Lines such as “please, baby please” and “you are one of a kind” feel like they are truly spoken from the heart as if connecting directly to a lover, friend of family member. Many different emotions rise within when listing to ‘Drifting’ including love, passion and even pain. The acoustic guitar has a Spanish flavour during the lead melodies which feels so passionate and rather foreign for my usual musical palette. While ‘Drifting’ is pretty stripped back musically, the track doesn’t feel lost or empty. In fact it embodies the idea that less can often be more.

If you are looking for some truly real and passion filled music then I recommend giving Binary Drift and his track ‘Drifting’ a listen. You won’t regret it!