Written by Rebecca Cullen and published in Stereo Stickman on September 24, 2019

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Fuse a little pop-rock ambiance with a flicker of European passion and a clear-cut skill for great songwriting, and what you get, if you’re lucky, is a song just like Drifting.

Artist and songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren – A.K.A Binary Drift – showcases an unquestionable dedication to the moment, taking the time to craft effective, engaging and organic soundscapes, and to write songs that build up from one compelling melody and idea to the next – always with the audience in mind, yet not at the cost of personal truth or intimacy; far from it.

Drifting is a song that feels fairly familiar on the one hand, yet nothing about it sparks memories of another track. The set-up has that pop-rock warmth, and the vocal has character, but this long-form melody, these lyrics, and the way the concept develops, all genuinely leans in enough of a new direction to give the whole thing a refreshing edge.

It’s a great song, smooth yet occasionally crunchy vocals help add a real hint of punk-pop, then just occasionally a moment of electro-pop creeps in from the distance, but all in all you can feel the live element. The voice in particular sounds up front and honest, laid bare and lost in the performance. There’s even a touch of something a little jazz-like during the instrumental breakaway.

Great songwriting, a pleasure to listen through and a breath of fresh air right now. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

Download or stream the album Pocket Tunes here or on Spotify.