Written by Noah Penza and published on Fresh out of the Booth on Obtober 6, 2019

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Singer/Songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren A.K.A. Binary Drift has released a new song entitled ‘Drifting‘ as a part of his new album ‘Pocket Tunes‘.

‘Drifting’ is a pop/rock song. The themes consist of forgiveness, hope and second chances. Some say the track reminds them of Maroon 5. I’ll have to contest such an argument. The artist has developed his style and perfected the craft. This is a unique composition with a distinctive and surreal sound. The instrumental develops throughout the track, while the vocals are at the centre, directing the tone and narrative.

An aspect of this composition that Binary Drift does superbly with ‘Drifting’ is the fusion of the genres Pop and Rock. Binary Drift skilfully applies both rock and pop into this track by taking subtly elements and applying when necessary. For example, the instrumental itself is reminiscent of a pop song, while the vocal has been appropriated by rock influence. There is also a spice of indie influence in this track. Being able to fuse multiple genres allows the track to be original and distinctive.

Binary Drift’s approach to music is to be recognised as well. You can hear the precision in the track. How carefully all instruments have been equalised and mixed to create a radio-ready and high-quality sound. This song has so many appealing characteristics such as the treble and balance between guitar and bass.

The vocals are the highlight of this track. They direct the narrative and themes and are what makes the track stand out. The vocals accompany the track perfectly and draw out the individualism Binary Drift has to offer. This is unlike any other track you have ever heard before.

I strongly reccomend this track. I love this track has have added it to my personal playlist, I won’t be suprised if it ends up in my heavy rotation.

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