Written by Jeff and published in Odd Nugget on May 7, 2019

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Lounge jazz chill and windblown guitar give Binary Drift’s “A Song for Vampires” an enticing touch.

This track is smooth as silk and suitably energized with live band verve.

Who lives at speed? Who moves in slowly? A casual deed… Uplifts the lowly.

“When did you become my only friend?”

Binary Drift slips sadness and sweetness into a single sonic envelope in “A Song for Vampires”.

Swish and sway go guitars. Scruff and pop go percussive bits and bobs. A flute flutters over an enthusiastic string lead, shadowing its every movement as the song plays on.

An upbeat vibe overshadows sorrowful soliloquy in “A Song for Vampires”. Lamenting loneliness, all-encompassing, the lyrics liken it to a purely personal perdition, all while the music masks emotion as effectively as a smile, misplaced.

This is prime easy listening fare to open your ears for. “A Song for Vampires” might just be your new fave, so press play.